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G-Force 1500C 'IMMAGINA' Makes Lightning Delivery

G-Force 1500C 'IMMAGINA' has recently completed her maiden ocean voyage and delivery, and owner Donato was extremely happy with her performance. He writes:

"I have sailed 'Immagina', a G-Force 1500C, from Cape Town to Grenada - 6,500 Nm across the Atlantic. She sailed wonderfully throughout! We had south easterly winds that ranged from 10 Kts to 40 Kts, mostly 15 Kts to 25 Kts. With the Code 0 hoisted, Immagina was often doing wind speeds. You have to keep in mind that we had provisions for four people for two months aboard (we had one month spare provisioning as a safety factor), and this was not “dried” food but rather good, tasty Italian food. Most of the time we had the fresh water tank with 300 - 400 litres in it and 200 - 250 litres of diesel (generator back up). Then about 90 Kg for dinghy and outboard and many tools and spare parts. So we were not sailing light. Yet, Immagina behaved beyond my expectations. She was very stable and kept her course so well that I’d forget she was sailing under autopilot most of the time..."  

Read the complete story and see more photos of the beautiful 'IMMAGINA' here!

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G-Force 1700C 'WILDFIRE' Launches

After over 5 years of hard work and dedication, Clint and Gaye Jennings have launched their beautiful and unique G-Force 1700C 'WILDFIRE'! She certainly lives up to her name with an eye-catching exterior paint job and a very distinctive style that differs from her G-Force sisters. The interior and finishes will be just as exquisite as the exterior, and we cannot wait for the finishing touches to go on. During the build of this boat Clint and Gaye also became close friends of Jeff and Lorraine, as well as very enthusiastic Schionning supporters and we thank them for their ongoing effort over the past years and we can't wait to see them enjoying WILDFIRE on the water in some beautiful cruising destinations. For more information on the G-Force 1700C design, plus a photo gallery (updated as much as possible) see the design portfolio here. There is also a Facebook page following the boat's progress here. 

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New Commercial Design Range!

The Schionning Designs design team have been busy at work over the end of 2017 to complete some very unique commercial designs for some custom clients. The new Schionning commercial range features an eco-friendly dive cat with electric propulsion, an 11 metre passenger ferry and a bi-plane sailing cat perfect for skippered charters. No matter what you're looking for in the commercial sector, Schionning Designs can assist. If there is nothing that matches your needs, don't hesitate to contact our design team for a quote on a customised design and kit that meets your specifications. 

To see more preliminary information on the new commercial designs, see the Commercial Design section here. More detailed specifications and Study Plans will be coming shortly. 

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New Schionning Owners & Builders Group on Facebook

Schionning Designs is excited to announce a new initiative aimed at improving the communication between our current owners and builders, both in Australia and around the world. There are hundreds of Schionning designs cruising the world, and we would love to see and hear about your experiences. A place to share tips, build progress, photos, custom construction and more, the Facebook group 'Schionning Owners & Builders' is now up and running. Click here to take a look, however it is a closed group for current owners and those building a Schionning design and requests will be moderated and approved by a Schionning team member. 

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Arrow 1200 Taking Shape in Port Stephens

Carl and Beth McConnochie have been working away quietly (and very neatly!) in Salt Ash, on Port Stephens in NSW. Their Arrow 1200 recently turned the second hull, and the boat is really starting to take shape. Carl and Beth have been keeping an excellent record of their build with beautifully detailed photos, available to view on their build page here. 

For more information on the Arrow 1200 design, see the design portfolio here.


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