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Growler GTR8800 Progresses

The short Christmas break is over already, and its all hands on deck for 2017! Troy, Brad and Ian - AKA The Boatbuilding Boys - have been making great progress on their GTR8800 power catamaran, through searing heat and even working on Christmas and New Years! The team would like to launch the boat in 2017 and are working full steam ahead to achieve this. As you can see the interior is looking great, with window mullions now installed and the fairing beginning. With their current progress, we're sure they can do it!

Follow the Boatbuilding Boys blog here, or see a small selection of photos on the GTR8800 photo gallery. 


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'MAJOR TOM' G-Force 1500C Launched by Northstar

Northstar Yachts & Shipwrights located in Cape Town, South Africa have been extremely busy over the past 24 months with three Schionning designs underway in their state-of-the-art Cape Town factory. 'MAJOR TOM', the first G-Force 1500C and Northstar's own demonstration vessel touched down on the water Thursday morning local time. The Northstar team had an agonising wait with the launch day pushed back due to road works and windy weather conditions. The boat had to travel 57 kilometres on a highway, travelling at 80 kilometres per hour! 'MAJOR TOM' looks amazing and is sure to turn heads and attract plenty of interest at the international boat shows she will be visiting. See some updated interior shots in the G-Force 1500C photo gallery!

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'WILD THING' Arrow 1200 Launched

A big congratulations to Christian Loehr and his family on the launching of their brand new Arrow 1200, named 'WILD THING'! She looks absolutely fantastic, and is floating light on her lines although Christian raised her waterline 100mm to protect the white paintwork, however she is still floating 150mm above Design Water Line with mast and rigging! The white paint job looks superb and her distinctive graphics and name give her some real character. 'WILD THING' is the first Arrow 1200 design to be launched permanently, with 'SALT' touching the water temporarily a few months ago. 'WILD THING' has been fitted with electric propulsion and definitely showcases the next generation of performance multihulls. See more launching photos on our design page, or see Christian's blog for more details on the whole project!

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New Schionning Owners & Builders Group on Facebook

Schionning Designs is excited to announce a new initiative aimed at improving the communication between our current owners and builders, both in Australia and around the world. There are hundreds of Schionning designs cruising the world, and we would love to see and hear about your experiences. A place to share tips, build progress, photos, custom construction and more, the Facebook group 'Schionning Owners & Builders' is now up and running. Click here to take a look, however it is a closed group for current owners and those building a Schionning design and requests will be moderated and approved by a Schionning team member. 

arrow 1500 under construction in SA

Arrow 1500 Progresses in South Africa

The new Arrow 1500 design already has the first boat under construction by well-known local South African boatbuilders Shelter Marine. Despite having only begun a few months ago, both hulls are turned as you can see above. The biggest Arrow to date, the 1500 has already attracted a wave of interest as it hits the mark for those wanting serious blue water cruising capabilities. The 100% flat panel construction is a big feature of the series, and only saves more time the bigger the build. With a number of Arrow designs being launched or hitting the water soon, the design concept is proving not only popular but practical and innovative. For more information on the new Arrow 1500 design click here, or learn more about Shelter Marine see their website or find them on Facebook to follow the project.


FORZA 2 - Waterline 1520

Forza 2 is a fast and comfortable performance cruising catamaran Schionning Waterline 1520 from the design desk of Jeff Schionning. This true ocean going vessel was professionally built in Australia. Forza 2 has undergone a full refit and repainting in 2010. Carefully maintained, she is now offered for sale. She is immediately available in perfect condition, fully equipped and ready for cruising.


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FREEDOM EXPRESS - Waterline 1480

One of only two version 1 Waterline 1480’s she was built by a well respected professional boatbuilding couple as their home. She would have to be one of the best built and maintained composite boats on the market, light but strong, just as Jeff designed her to be. FREEDOM EXPRESS is not to be missed, take a closer look in the Brokerage!


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MOJO - G-Force 1500

This G-Force 1500 is a beautiful looking, fast yet incredibly stable design, fully proven on the race course both in Australia and overseas. MOJO has won numerous international events over the last three years including the Darwin to Dili Race, Thailand's King's Cup and Langkawi Race Week as well as Australian regattas such as Airlie Race Week, Pittwater to Coffs Harbour race and the Surf to City. She is a proven frontrunner with state of the art gear, carbon mast, PBO rigging...


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PEPPER CORN - Prowler VT950

Introducing 'PEPPERCORN' - a beautiful example of the Prowler VT950 power cat design. No expense was spared during the construction and her fit-out is luxurious with many luxuries one may not expect on a boat of this size. Fuel efficiency and a soft ride are the hallmarks of the VT (Vapor Trail) hull shape, making coastal passages comfortable and fast...


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