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Fair Winds, Lorraine

The Schionning team wish to advise that on the 12th of September, 2017, Lorraine Schionning, beloved wife and mother, passed away peacefully surrounded by family. Lorraine was a beautiful, bubbly and energetic woman who touched many lives and helped so many people to realise their dreams. Before founding and running Schionning Designs with Jeff for over 30 years, Lorraine sailed from South Africa to Australia with her family, and did thousands of miles of cruising around the world. Her adventures were many, and her ready laugh and joyful positive attitude will be sorely missed by many. The Schionning team will be unavailable for periods during this time, so please bear with us. Thank you to everyone that has sent kind words, wishes and support - this has been gratefully received and although we cannot respond to everyone individually - it is very much appreciated. Fair winds, Lorraine. 

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First Arrow 1360 'DUET' Launched

A big congratulations to proud owner Geo Ulrich and builders Northstar Yachts on the launch of the first Arrow 1360 design, christened 'DUET'! She is floating nice and high on her lines, with the mast and rigging still to be fitted. Touching down by crane at the Royal Cape Yacht Club after a road journey on a special flatbed truck, the boat looks fantastic and has been turning heads already. More photos and information will be available soon as the finishing touches are completed, and we will post any updates as we get them. See the Arrow 1360 design page for more.

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'WILD THING' Arrow 1200 Launched

A big congratulations to Christian Loehr and his family on the launching of their brand new Arrow 1200, named 'WILD THING'! She looks absolutely fantastic, and is floating light on her lines although Christian raised her waterline 100mm to protect the white paintwork, however she is still floating 150mm above Design Water Line with mast and rigging! The white paint job looks superb and her distinctive graphics and name give her some real character. 'WILD THING' is the first Arrow 1200 design to be launched permanently, with 'SALT' touching the water temporarily a few months ago. 'WILD THING' has been fitted with electric propulsion and definitely showcases the next generation of performance multihulls. See more launching photos on our design page, or see Christian's blog for more details on the whole project!

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New Schionning Owners & Builders Group on Facebook

Schionning Designs is excited to announce a new initiative aimed at improving the communication between our current owners and builders, both in Australia and around the world. There are hundreds of Schionning designs cruising the world, and we would love to see and hear about your experiences. A place to share tips, build progress, photos, custom construction and more, the Facebook group 'Schionning Owners & Builders' is now up and running. Click here to take a look, however it is a closed group for current owners and those building a Schionning design and requests will be moderated and approved by a Schionning team member. 

arrow 1500 under construction in SA

Arrow 1500 Progresses in South Africa

The new Arrow 1500 design already has the first boat under construction by well-known local South African boatbuilders Shelter Marine. Despite having only begun a few months ago, both hulls are turned as you can see above. The biggest Arrow to date, the 1500 has already attracted a wave of interest as it hits the mark for those wanting serious blue water cruising capabilities. The 100% flat panel construction is a big feature of the series, and only saves more time the bigger the build. With a number of Arrow designs being launched or hitting the water soon, the design concept is proving not only popular but practical and innovative. For more information on the new Arrow 1500 design click here, or learn more about Shelter Marine see their website or find them on Facebook to follow the project.


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