The G-Force 1700 Cruise

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With a huge amount of interest in our G-Force 1700 design, this cruising version just had to happen. Everyone loves the concept and look, and dreams of being the young at heart racer they probably once were, but now having matured into a sensible, almost balanced individual, they realise some common sense needs to be put into the mix. No, not enough to be boring - just enough to allow fast cruising in a cutting edge lean but not too mean cat. For round the world cruising, and this is where most are aimed, a little more displacement is needed to carry the payload of enough food, water and those few essential toys like surfboards, a kayak or dive tanks that make cruising so much more fun. A cat this size really demands some luxury and better room in the individual hulls to feel like home. These are the changes she accommodates very well yet she remains nice and slim at 13.4:1 waterline beam ratio. There is that little bit more headroom in the saloon and easier walk-down headroom over the steps, things racers can live without in their quest to win.

The G-Force 1700C is a mid to large-sized performance cruiser that will embarass other catamaran owners in regattas and sleep 6-8 family or friends comfortably. For more information please download our Study Plans on this design using the link below.



LOA    17.00 metres
BOA    8.15 metres
DRAFT    0.525 metres
HEADROOM (Hulls)    Full Standing
HEADROOM (Bridgedeck)    Full Standing
MAST HEIGHT    21.50 metres
SAIL AREA (Main + Headsail)    104 + 58 sqm
PAYLOAD    3000 kg
  WATER CAPACITY    400 litres
FUEL CAPACITY    300 litres
MOTOR OPTION    2 x 40-75hp Saildrive Diesels
CRUISING SPEED    10-12 knots
TOP SPEED    25+ knots















CAD Images (Standard Design)

Photo Gallery | 'WILDFIRE' (Victoria, Australia)