The Aquaplay 1100

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The Aquaplay 1100 features a different hull shape to similar sized designs such as the Prowler 1100 - making them quite different boats. Fuel economy, weight carrying ability and the speed at which peak fuel efficiency is reached will all differ from different design ranges. The combination of internal space, good looks, lightweight build, and performance makes this boat a very attractive option. For quite a small, manageable boat you get everything 45 - 50 footers offer with a considerably smaller price tag. The hull below the waterline on this design is ideal for beaching with the propeller and rudder being fully protected and extra hull reinforcement. She is the ideal "party boat" or just find a secluded anchorage somewhere and relax. Cruising range and fuel capacity make this a more suitable option for world and coastal cruising, or any longer distances.

The Aquaplay 1100 is a mid-sized performance cruiser that will embarass other catamaran owners in regattas and sleep 6-8 family or friends comfortably. For more information please download our Study Plans on this design using the link below.



LOA    11.00 metres
BOA    6.60 metres
DRAFT    0.800 metres
HEADROOM (Hulls)    Full Standing
HEADROOM (Bridgedeck)    Full Standing
FUEL CAPACITY     700 Litres
WATER CAPACITY    300 Litres
PAYLOAD    2500 kg
MOTOR OPTION    2 x Diesels
CRUISING SPEED    12 knots
TOP SPEED    18 knots

Aquaplay 1100 Photo Gallery