Concept Designs

The Schionning Design team receives many enquiries about different ideas and concepts for a range of different designs, some of which are out there sailing - while others don't quite make it that far. The designs on this page do not have completed construction plans or any pre-cutting for kits - they are ideas from customers like yourself that did not reach the water. This could be due to any number of different factors, however we would like to display them here - if there is something you like, we can resume where we left off and complete the design, with further customisation if neccessary, in order to provide you with a custom designed multihull.

So if you'd like to enquire about any of these partially completed design projects, we'd love to discuss with you so please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Growler GTR1500

As a designer you’ve got to love those few clients who want something different and way out there. This design concept is for one of our loyal repeat owners, this being his fourth Schionning and happily loved them all, why wouldn’t you, most of them new cutting edge sailing cats but now looking at the growing power cat market he’s again thinking way outside the square.