Recommended Equipment

Quality suppliers & manufacturers

The Schionning team have a lot of contact with equipment suppliers and manufacturers, and hear feedback on certain brands or systems from our many customers. There are many Schionnings cruising the world and testing products longevity and the customer service offered by the manufacturer.

On this page we will list products and companies that we know to provide above average quality and service. It is always growing, and if your company provides equipment used on our designs and you would like to be included - please contact us.

Engines & Drive Systems

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Oceanvolt Ltd is a Finnish company focused on producing electric motor and energy management systems for catamarans and sailboats. Each and every part of the system has been specifically designed for electrical use. Compared to combustion engines, these systems are silent, simple and reliable. The systems do not burn fuel or cause CO2 emissions. Each system manufactured in Finland is tested before shipment.


Batteries, Power Management

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Back in 2013 I knew that my boat batteries were reaching the end of their lives, I had been researching LiFePO4 cells for a few years and decided that I should install them. Unfortunatly I was unable to find a local supplier. So Lithium Power was established.

We import cells from various plants in China and assemble them into power packs that are a complete change over package for lead acid units.

See LFP Website