The G-Force 1400

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The G-Force 1400 was where it all began, the first of the G-Force range and the first to prove that true performance and modern comfort could go hand in hand. The G-Force 1400 really is a lean, mean athlete, and while weight overall must be kept to a minimum, the design has a 1.5 tonne payload, more than enough for some cruising toys and the essential comfort items. We see speed as a significant safety factor, getting passages done quickly means minimising the chances of being caught in the open by adverse weather, not to mention the excitement of being able to win a few races while cruising in a tropical paradise. 

Construction is our proven Schionning build system that has been producing beautiful catamarans for over 20 years - the high tech composite materials, including pre-laminated panels and some strip planking (to achieve the soft curves of the design). West System epoxy and S-Glass (lighter yet with the same strength and stiffness of standard fibreglass) cloth is used for the shell construction. Carbon options are certainly available and quite popular, however these choices need to be made by you the owner, to produce an end result that is within your chosen budget.

The G-Force 1400 is a mid-sized performance cruiser that will embarass other catamaran owners in regattas and sleep 4-6 family or friends comfortably. For more information please download our Study Plans on this design using the link below.



LOA    14 metres
BOA    7.5 metres
DRAFT    0.500 metres
HEADROOM (Hulls)    Full Standing
HEADROOM (Bridgedeck)    Full Standing
MAST HEIGHT    19 metres
SAIL AREA (Main + Headsail)    116 sq metres
PAYLOAD    1500 kg
MOTOR OPTION    2 x 21hp Saildrive Diesels
CRUISING SPEED    16 - 19 knots
TOP SPEED    25+ knots













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