Sea Shanty Series

“Sea Shanty”, the name conjures up visions of thatch, sand, and crystal clear water. Simplicity, practicality, and the great outdoors, this is exactly what she’s about. The Sea Shanty is based on the hull form of our very successful 16m Ferry built in Australia and used in Vanuatu to carry passengers around the islands. While she was being built, Lorraine and I spent some time cruising on our Trimaran and we kept coming back to the idea that the Ferry would make the ideal platform for a comfortable world cruising home. 

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The Sea Shanty 1600

Whilst we love life aboard, we also miss our toys and comforts, pets, family and space whilst cruising. We like to keep active and felt that a large seaworthy platform with simple but stylish accommodation and a large outdoor area was very desirable. So the design evolved. Where the Ferry needed decent displacement to carry 75 passengers the Sea Shanty needs the displacement for home comforts plus fuel and water for extended ocean passages. As a passage maker, speed was moderated to a comfortable mile eating 12 – 16 knots and a bar crossing sprint of up to 20 knots.