The G-Force 1800 Cruise

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The G-Force 1800C is the ultimate in high performance cruising catamarans. This design has been the basis for a number of vessels and new designs, including the Legend 60, the 1800SSS and the 2000 Speciale. Staying true to her heritage she is extremely quick while not compromising too much of the luxury that one expects from a design of this size. Inside we have a number of different layout options, however the standard layout features two king sized cabins forward, a split up/down galley and spacious saloon that opens onto a large cockpit. Twin helms have been the favorite choice when it comes to the smaller G-Force designs however the 1800C leans more toward easier sailing and even single-handing, utilizing a single helm station with all sail controls running back to one central location. Powered systems are recommended if you're thinking of handling the boat short-handed (a couple for instance), these systems are invaluable for hoisting sails and controlling the entire boat with the push of a button (or touchpad).

The G-Force 1800C is a one-of-a-kind performance oriented cruising catamaran with a generous payload and plenty of room for all of the toys you'd expect. If you'd like more information on this design, please download the Study Plans below!


LOA    18.30 metres
BOA    8.60 metres
DRAFT    0.575 metres
HEADROOM (Hulls)    Full Standing
HEADROOM (Bridgedeck)    Full Standing
MAST HEIGHT    22 metres
SAIL AREA (Main + Headsail)    175 sq metres
PAYLOAD    3,500 kg
DISPLACEMENT    12,000 kg
WATER CAPACITY    600 Litres
FUEL CAPACITY    600 Litres
MOTOR OPTION    2 x 75hp Saildrive Diesels
CRUISING SPEED    12 - 16 knots
TOP SPEED    25+ knots


'ESPRIT' | Queensland, Australia

Standard Design CAD Images