The G-Force 77

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The G-Force 77 is currently the biggest Schionning design to date (not including concept designs) and one example is operating as a charter vessel in the Caribbean. Measuring in at a staggering 23.5 metres, and 10 metres wide - the parameters have really given the design team a blank canvas with which to create the flagship of our company.

This design is perfect for charter work, and one example of this design is currently working in Bermuda however it is customised and not a performance vessel. The 77 began as an exclusive custom design however is now available for amateur and professional construction. Any of our recommended Schionning builders on the production page could deliver a beautiful example of this design. For more information on the G-Force 77 please contact the office.


LOA    23.50 metres
BOA    10.8 metres
DRAFT    0.650 metres
HEADROOM (Hulls)    Full Standing
HEADROOM (Bridgedeck)    Full Standing
MAST HEIGHT    24.00 metres
SAIL AREA (Main + Headsail)    200 sq metres
PAYLOAD    1500 kg
DISPLACEMENT    15,500 kg
MOTOR OPTION    2 x 110hp Diesels
CRUISING SPEED    15 knots
TOP SPEED    30+ knots

G-Force 77 Photo Gallery