Schionning Kits

The best Kit Systems in the world

The Schionning kit systems are one of the simplest ways to build your own boat, or have a custom design built faster and more accurately by a professional. Utilising DuFlex panels with a balsa core, large sheets are joined on their long edge to form full length hull panels, bulkheads etc similar to a giant jigsaw puzzle. Once you release the tabs, your full size pieces are ready to be assembled. 

A pre-cut kit does not only benefit the home builder, but streamlines a professional build as quantities are accurate and wastage is minimised. When having a vessel built overseas, a kit reduces the chances of local materials not being available, or delays during your project, and ensures there are no mistakes. 

Read on below to gain a more solid understand of how the Schionning kits go together!

Where are you building?

Schionning Designs is partnered with a number of leading composite manufacturing companies with varying CNC capabilities, as well as supplying resins, hardeners, cloths and fillers. Our partners are located in different parts of the world, so where you are planning to build your boat will have an impact on which composite company is best to supply your kit. 

Listed below are our composite manufacturering partners, ATL Composites located in Australia, VDL Composites located in Germany, and PBT Technologies located in South Africa. 

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ATL Composites (Australia)

ATL Composites were the first composite manufacturer to begin cutting the Schionning designed kit systems. Developer of the Duflex foam and balsa cored panels, as well as supplying West System resins and Kinetix thixotropic laminating resins and hardeners. If you're building your boat in Australia, the Pacific, Asia, USA and Canada it is usually most cost effective to ship your kit from Brisbane, Australia. 

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VDL Composites (Germany)

VDL Composites are associated with ATL Composites and also supply the West System line of resins in the European region. If you're located in Europe, Russia, or even Northern Africa, VDL Composites are going to be the most cost effective for delivery. VDL Composites also quote in euro which makes costing easier for those located in Europe. 

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PBT Technologies (South Africa)

Perfect Balance Technologies or PBT are a relatively new venture beginning in Knysna, South Africa who manufacture composite panels with both foam and balsa cores. PBT have a larger CNC routing facility and therefore can produce kit panels up to 12 metres in length, which can be a big advantage when assembling your kit. 


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Material Choices

An overview of the material choices when building your own boat, and the pros and cons of each core material along with weight comparisons. Schionning Designs prefer and recommend balsa cores for all of our designs, along with double bias cloths and West System epoxy resins - read on to find out why.


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The Kit Process

See a step-by-step overview of a Schionning kit being assembled. Construction techniques do differ between designs, however this will give you the main steps involved when building. From the strongback to the installation of electronics and safety equipment, finishing a boat can be a challenge, so its best to understand the process thoroughly before you begin.

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Whats In A Kit?

So if you order a Schionning kit, what exactly is going to arrive? See an overview of the materials you will receive, and what each is used for during the build process. Fibreglass cloth or tapes? Microspheres, Microballoons or Microfibers? Take a closer look and you can answer these questions.


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Technical Information

The Technical Information page is a collection of documents (mostly in PDF format) on the materials and systems used in Schionning catamarans. Including data sheets, engineering information, strength comparisons of each core material and informative articles from Jeff outling the design of certain system such as engine choices and main sheet systems.

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Recommended Equipment

The Schionning team have a lot of contact with equipment suppliers and manufacturers, and hear feedback on certain brands or systems from our many customers. There are many Schionnings cruising the world and testing products longevity and the customer service offered by the manufacturer. On this page we will list products and companies that we know to provide above average quality and service.

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