The Solitaire 1490

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The Solitaire 1490 offers similar internal comfort and space to the production boat competition, but she is far lighter, stiffer and stronger with better waterline beam values and higher power to weight ratio. Designed primarily as an efficient fast sailing cat with high bridgdeck clearance and chamfer panels to minimize slamming.

On the power side she has an efficient alloy mast and boom fully battened square head main, single line main reefing in the boom, roller reefing headsail and furled screecher on the prodder. A spinnaker can be added, flown off the prodder end. A simple, fast, efficient rig.

Engine power comes from two Yanmar 50 HP sail-drives with folding props set in separate engine bays with deck hatches for easy access, she has a 6KW genset to power all the equipment and air conditioning. There are large water and fuel tanks to ensure that the vessel is fully self-sufficient while away from the dock.

This is a serious blue water cruiser capable of taking you around the world with high mileage daily runs in comfort and safety with minimal slamming.

  LOA   14.95 Metres (49ft)
  BOA   7.88 Metres (25ft 10in)
  DRAFT   0.65 Metres (2ft 2in)
  BRIDGEDECK CLEARANCE   0.84 Metres (2ft 9in)
  PAYLOAD   3500 Kilograms
  DISPLACEMENT   12,000 Kilograms (26,456 lb)
  MOTORS   2 x 50hp Saildrives
  HEADROOM (Saloon/Cockpit)   1.97 Metres
  HEADROOM (Hulls)   2.05 Metres
  MAST HEIGHT   18.00 Metres (59ft)
  BOOM LENGTH   5.95 Metres (19ft 6in)
  MAINSAIL   80.75 Sqm (869 ft2)
  OVERLAPPING HEADSAIL   49.5 Sqm (533 ft2)
  FUEL CAPACITY   600 Litres
  WATER CAPACITY   600 Litres
  SAILING SPEEDS   15-25 Knots

CAD Video

Design Renders

Build #1 - Elliot (Thailand)