The Troublemaker range are the first Schionning Monohull designs. They are sleek, comfortable, and fast yachts that will take you anywhere. The Troublemaker range sports some of the advantages usually only found on a cat, flat hull bottoms for beaching, kick-up rudders and a retractable keel - allowing not only beaching but anchoring in nice and close in shallow water. Take a look now, you'll fall in love!

Please peruse the individual designs below.

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Troublemaker 9500

The Troublemaker 9500 is the first of a range of monohulls from Jeff Schionning, to complement our range of catamaran designs and kits. Through many observations that the monohull world could use a simple pre-cut flat-packed kit, Jeff drew the Troublemaker. This unique stylish yacht can be built at home using the latest high tech composite materials with construction estimated at under 1000 hours. At 3.00 metres wide, it is not trailerable in some Australian states, please see your local regulations.