'WAHOO' | Newport to Ensenada

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G-Force 1400 'WAHOO' recently competed in the Newport to Ensenada International Yacht Race, and owner Bill Gibbs has written some words about the race and his journeys aboard 'WAHOO'. 

"I’m a long time catamaran racer. A Nacra 5.8 in the mid 80’s. A 40’ Crowther cat from 1997-2000. And in 2001, Afterburner, a 52’ x 30’ Tennant racing cat, heavily modified by the previous owners from a Bladerunner design. She had a great NZ racing record. We imported her and raced her for 16 years. It was quite the hoot, flying a hull into the high 20’s regularly.  She had no center cabin, and would be described as wet and Spartan by most people. As an overpowered beast by others. 

I turned 60 in 2014 and decided it was time to slow down some and get comfortable. I found Wahoo, a G-Force 1400 done in carbon, half finished in South Africa. It was love at first sight, the most beautiful boat I have ever seen. The builder (Julian of Current Marine) had wanted a fast boat for himself, when his circumstances changed and he put her on the market. I wanted a quick boat and used our local rating organization’s VPP to accurately predict Wahoo’s performance. I got to specify the fit out and rigging. I went for a bit taller carbon mast at 20m, as wind in southern California is generally lighter than the Cape of Good Hope. We got a deal on shipping her to the British Virgin Islands. My friends and I spent most of 2015 bringing her back to Sothern California in a series of legs. It was quite the adventure with lots of boat repairs in exotic locations. Her fundamentals are sound. The design is great. Her construction is a bullet proof work of art. She sails great! We have pushed her hard without drama. (Who doesn’t have some issues with plumbing, electronics, fuel, and engines on a new boat?)

Our first race was the 180 boat 2016 Newport Beach to Ensenada (N2E) race, where we took first overall. It was a great way to start! This year we won first in our N2E multihull class, including a 125nm match race against a Gunboat 62 (which we beat boat-for-boat and on handicap). We finished in about half the time that it took the condomarans to complete the course. Locally, we are the fastest sailboat in our Ventura Harbor. 

I have to say that I love Wahoo as much now as when I bought her. Best choice I could have made. She has met my expectations perfectly. I never tire of the complements on her looks or her performance. Or the looks I get when I describe her as my slower, more comfortable boat."

Bill Gibbs


Race Video